Climate Cartoons Series

This series is for students and voters who are new to climate issues. Walk through the most important need-to-know facts about carbon and public policy, so that you can make up your own mind on what the best course of action is in this new carbon squeezed world.

Join this discussion by getting the basics with Climate Cartoons! 

Latest Episode: Our Electricity Grid Legacy

Episode three of the Climate Cartoons series explains how we got the system we have today from an infrastructure perspective. In 2 min we outline the huge role infrastructure decisions make in all other planning decisions, how that lead to the rule of fossil fuels today and how this is no longer our inevitable destiny...

The Series so far...

The Future Looks Awesome!

Crowd-fund Video

What Is A Carbon Budget?

Episode One

What Does The Budget Imply?

Episode Two

Our Electricity Grid Legacy

Episode Three


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