Our Hosts

Saryn Caister

Since 2006 the Green Majority has been Saryn's main vacation from the immediate issues of daily life, a chance to take a few min to have a look at the big picture, stop to think about where we are, and where we are all going. Starting as a news reader under the previous host Jordan Poppenk in 2007, Saryn now hosts and directs the Green Majority enjoying every minute of it... in fact they'd probably explode into a big mess of ideas, opinions and sarcasm if they didn't.


Emmay Mah

Emmay has worked in the third sector for almost 15 years, developing and managing programs focused on child rights and protection, HIV/AIDS and Indigenous health. She was an organizer of the People’s Climate Marches in Toronto and co-founded the volunteer-powered People's Climate Movement Canada. She is an unapologetic sci-fi fan and optimist, but believes cockroaches will inherit the earth if we don't change our ways quickly.


Stefan Hostetter

Stefan likes to say that his work on environmental issues all started with a double espresso. But that's mostly because if there's one thing he likes more than building community around the fight for a better planet, it's a good story. He's co-hosted the Green Majority since 2013, helps run environmental community building events under the banner of #GreenPeopleTO and co-produces a monthly storytelling event 'The Stories We Don't Tell'. 


Sabina Hyseni

*Currently on hiatus working with the United Nations!* Sabina Hyseni is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto. She holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry where she focused her attention on renewable energy projects and nanoparticle synthesis. However, her interest in environmental issues truly began when she was living in China, studying martial arts, and noticed the effect that overpopulation and overconsumption can have on the planet. Now she spends most of her time in the basement of the Institute for Management and Innovation where she studies, writes papers and gives presentations on various environmental topics.

Dierdre Leowinata

Deirdre started her career with a strong science background, earning a Biology degree while chasing butterflies across Canada to study climate change. That degree ignited a passion for novel science communication, which led to a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Visual Communication through an innovative joint program through Fleming College and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. She has since focused her work as a communications and new media specialist on non-profit organizations including the Royal Ontario Museum and U.S. based conservation group The African People & Wildlife Fund. Though her focus has been in science, her goal is to educate the general public by transforming hard research and data into accessible, understandable, and entertaining media.

Kevin Farmer

*Currently On Long-Overdue Hiatus* AKA Dr. Sustainable (formerly Dr. Doom) – Kevin Farmer has been a volunteer longer than anyone on this show other than the original founder, Jordan Poppenk. In fact he’s been with the Green Majority radio show with CIUT 89.5FM since the very second episode way back in 2006! Kevin has had a variety of roles over the years, including most recently being our on-air technician. He is best known, and loved for his end-of-show punditry as Dr. Doom Dr. Sustainable. We love you Kevin, never stop being you. Kevin still occasionally appears on the show, but if you enjoy eco-friendly and hilariously sarcastic tweets you really should follow him with @environyment


David Gray-Donald

David Gray-Donald is a community organizer and freelance journalist based in Toronto and Montreal, located on Haudenasaunee, Anishanaabe and Huron-Wendat lands. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts & Science (Environment, Biology) from McGill University in 2010, he did environmental sustainability work on campus until 2013. More recently, David's reporting has appeared in Briarpatch Magazine, rabble.ca, VICE.com, Common Dreams, The Media Coop, and Uneven Earth. He doesn't doesn't like racism, misogyny and economic inequality, but really enjoys long walks and playful fiction. 

David Hostetter Headshot.jpg

Alex Ricci

Alex Ricci is an active pulse in all things sound. He has produced several albums, EPs, and songs for bands from his home studio Lions Den Recordings. He has mixed and done foley for podcasts and videos. Currently, he performs as part of sound and visual art collective VERSA, and tours for hire in Kashka and Gregory Pepper & His Problems. As part of Green Majority, Alex handles live sound tech, spins brand new local music and is an enthusiastic student of environmentalism.


Brenna Owen

Brenna dove into the world of community radio at CFRC 101.9fm in Kingston, where she studied Politics and History at Queen’s University. At CFRC she created an international affairs show and coordinated the 2015 Homelessness Marathon. In 2008 she travelled to Baffin Island, Nunavut. She was struck by the vastness, beauty, strength and vulnerability of the Arctic as a front line of climate change. More recently, Brenna’s passion for learning and advocacy for a just, sustainable future has led her to UN climate conferences with the Canadian Youth Delegation. She is currently a Studio [Y] Fellow at MaRS Discovery District, where she is exploring multimedia story-sharing around climate justice and cross-cultural understanding.

David Hostetter

David started working in environmental media when Stefan became upset about dolphin slaughter and asked him to help start the Green Society Campaign, which led to exciting work with a variety of other organizations as well as a string of wildly unpopular mock news segments. David's main role with the Green Majority is the development of Climate Cartoons, a series of short videos that explain the climate crisis and show how our response can be an instrument of social progress.


Krystyna Henke

Krystyna Henke is an alumna of Ryerson University’s graduate journalism program, while also holding a Master of Arts degree in Ethnomusicology and Musicology from York University. As a journalist, she has contributed to the National Post, as well as to TVO and CBC. 2013 TVO interview with an advocate for car-free cities

Further writing credits include the audio CD Nobel Voices for Disarmament, 1901-2001, published by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and the United Nations. Read the liner notes and listen to this spoken word recording here.

In addition, her professional work encompasses nature photography. See her photographs on the McMichael Canadian Art Collection’s Footprints: Legacy of the Group of Seven website here: http://www.groupofseven.ca/Home.aspx