Running On Empty (524)

We start the show this week with the latest bunch of embarrassing stories about corruption and complicity with the oil industry by the Trudeau government. To be clear, there's nothing here worse than what we had under the Harper government other than what's been going on is in deep contrast to the image and messaging that the government is trying to sell Canadians about our oil industry and role in the global fight against climate change. Stefan also provides a review of the role of CFC's and HFC's (coolant used in air conditioners and refrigeration) in climate change. We also mention our animation about a carbon budget! That link is below too.

Our interview this week is with the award winning director Mike Downie - on the program this week to talk about his new CBC The Nature of Things documentary 'Running On Empty' which covers the ongoing fallout from the 5 year drought that devastating California. From food, lawns and climate change Mike leads us on a journey of the relationship between civilization and one of the things we just can't do without regardless of our technology which is live without water. Watch it live on TV Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 8 PM on CBC-TV.

In the final section local Toronto climate activists Atiya Jaffar and Amanda Harvey-Sanchez join us for some updates on Canadian climate activism including the breaking story that 5 activists (not either of these two) shut down apparently all pipelines leading from Canada to the US in a surprise direct action. We also discuss youth activism and it's effect on Canadian politics as well as the upcoming 'Climate101' in Ottawa on Oct 24th (link below).

Bonus Show!

This week we talk quickly about why the mainstream media is dead as a reliable source of information, why you can now add Huffington post to the list, and more about the role of youth in future Canadian elections in the wake of increasing pressure to reform our voting system.

Some other interesting reads we didn't get to!

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Germaphobes 'Heavenly Hash' & Tragically Hip 'Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)'

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