3D Chess On A 1D Board (523)

The big news this week is the nearly ready to ratify Paris Climate Accord and the Liberal announcement that we will have a national price on carbon one way or the other by 2018. Lot's to say here but we say it on the show so please just check out these links for the background reading.

In the middle section, we interview Ian Toews - Director of the new CBC Doc Channel documentary: Bugs On The Menu. The film explores the increasing interest in edible insects, both as a culinary adventure and a highly convincing argument from an environmental perspective with regards to the nutritional value VS the resources required to produce when compared to other animal sources of proteins like beef and chicken.

Learn more about Bugs On The Menu here!

Also, here's the top 10 reason to try eating bugs! (borrowed from the Bugs on the Menu website).

  1. 20x more B12 than beef
  2. More calcium than milk
  3. More iron than spinach
  4. 5x more magnesium than beef
  5. High in prebiotic fibre which is good for your guts
  6. 40% protein by weight and low in saturated fat
  7. High in Chitin which fights against nasty stuff like viruses, tumours, and allergies
  8. Contain all 9 Essential Amino Acids for building and repairing muscles
  9. Free of stuff you don’t need like sugar, pesticides, and GMO
  10. Won’t make us sick (no zootomic diseases)

In the final section Daryn does a segment on why as happy as he is to see climate progress coming from these recent announcements, he is still skeptical that the strategy being employed by the Trudeau government is a good idea (both in reality and in politics).

Also mentioned on the show!

Bonus Show!

Daryn reads and team discusses a listener email question regarding what about the 10's of thousands of Canadians who will be put out of work if we shut down oil production in Canada? Stefan and Alex also bring up more dangerous lunacy from an American right wing hack 'journalist' regarding a supposed 'hoax' regarding the devastating hurricane in the US right now and the ongoing racism towards First Nations people while they are busy doing all the heavy lifting in our fight against climate catastrophe. Finally 'Telus' is a huge coward :) sorry but it's true.

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