Physics Doesn't Negotiate (530)

Stefan takes point this week discussing the social media fiasco that follow a very poorly thought out tweet by Environment Canada this week in correlation with the holds National Youth Summit on Climate Change hosted by Minister McKenna. While the tweet was taken out of context (the fault of government social media, not "the internet") the hosts discuss however the fair implication that this still reveals a deep fundamental issue with the honesty with which these discussions are taking place.

Daryn leads a discussion of the ongoing and increasingly violent police reaction to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, highlighting the disconnection between the law, the police reaction and the mainstream media coverage (or lack there of).

Finally Emmay Mah and Tina Knezevic discuss the ongoing worsening reports of arctic ice loss, as usual it's even worse than we thought.

Bonus Show:

How the the environment file like feminist politics? Daryn makes the case with a metaphor that is a lot less of a stretch than usual. The hosts also tackle the difficult question of authenticity, does the color-blind weak actions of the government mean they are all liars and crooks? Of course not, but it doesn't mean they're right or stupid either. It's more messy than that and Emmay and Daryn discuss.

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In Solidarity: A Tribe Called Red 'Electric Pow-Wow' & 'R.E.D.'

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