Ghosts of the Future (533)

We begin the show this week with a lite review of some news stories including a surprise announcement that Norwegian Oil Company 'Statoil' will be selling it's billion dollar stake in the Canadian tar sands despite Trudeau having just given Kinder Morgan's pipeline the federal green light. 

We are into our annual holiday reflection period, and Stefan plays a storytelling piece he wrote and performed for another event that explores what it might be like to live in one of the possible worst case scenario's of a climate ravaged world 40 years in the future. Will it be? Who knows, but it's important to realize that this could be our future.

Finally, we play a NEW Carl Sagan clip from Daryn's favorite science popularizer and poet. We discuss the implications of our future being more hopeful that the one explored in Stefan's story.

Bonus Show:

Daryn plays the second Carl Sagan clip he had lined up, and does a short monologue about resistance in the age of Trump.

This Weeks Music:

Arcade Fire - 'Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)' & Versa - 'Saffire'

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