No Such Thing As Facts (532)

We begin this week with a victory* for those opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. While the fight is not over, this is a significant step towards stopping this pipeline and at least provides a path to victory.

In the middle section we transition to Trump (his staff picks, not his statements which are still under temporary ban) and how this fight south of the border might impact the anti-pipeline fight in Canada. We also cover some updates on the Kinder Morgan pipeline fight, and the premiers meeting to discuss climate policy happening more or less during the broadcast (more next week of course).

In the final section, We discuss in increasingly relevant issue of fake news, and the impact not fighting against it in the public sphere has on the tone and content of political discussions in Canada and all over the world.

Bonus Show:

The hosts discuss the conversation we need to have that is being drowned out by blind partisan yelling about nonsense and falsehoods. Daryn also makes an argument for who is to blame and how to fix this problem.

This Weeks Music:

Tragically Hip 'Bobcaygeon' & Big Wreck 'That Song'

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