Feelings VS Facts (515)

We start close to home this week with a conversation about energy efficiency standards and the reason we don't have nice things. We hoped but didn't have time to get to the Law office or Salmon stories (but are linked below for you). We then spend a min talking about the pathetic attempts by oil company funded astroturf groups to garner support by trying to sell it with sex to straight males.

In the middle section, we play an interview recorded by co-host Emmay Mah at the Commonbound Conference last month with Nancy Naemtan, Strategic Advisor for Chantier de l'économie sociale about the role and importance or growing the social economy.

In the final section, Stefan and Daryn move on to international news to touch briefly on the UK Hinkley Point nuclear plant spy story and the relation to the ongoing issue of nuclear power. We also talk about the relationship between "hip" crops and environmental damage with reference to the price of avocados and the deforestation it's causing.

Bonus Show:

Stefan, Daryn and Ed talk about the relationship between the Green Party and proportional representation, and the ongoing trend of anti-intellectualism on the geopolitical stage.

News we missed:
Some other stuff you may enjoy we missed!

This weeks music:

Neil Young "Southern Man" & Rush "Spirit of Radio"

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