Political Hot Potato (516)


The Green Party may soon be having to reinvent itself with Elizabeth May possibly stepping down as leader next week over a party vote on the Boycott Israel campaign. Digging into the Israel boycott issue itself is outside the scope of our program, but the May angle is very important for politics in Canada. Whether it was her intention or not many people would argue that Ms. May has been more than just the leader of the Greens but rather their sole political product since she took over. Despite the undeniably positive effect of her advocacy in parliament, has she ended up being a liability to the Green Party itself? Guest host Bethany Koughan, local activist and occasional Green Party volunteer discusses.

With Bethany's help we also discuss the face-palmingly horrifying and yet predictable move from ocean drilling for oil to ocean strip mines for minerals in it's early stages all over the world, and the unbelievable harm this new "ore rush" at the bottom of the ocean would create.

In the middle section we are joined by Andrea Battersby and Geoff Doner, co-founders of the Bureau Of Power And Light art collective in Toronto. In addition to being artists they are also extremely active in the social justice world and talk to us about several instances of art and environment being merged as well as some exciting current projects around North America that you should check out!

Finally, Daryn takes a stab at the TPP, Hillary Clinton, and privatization/corpritization of public services.

Bonus Show!

Bethany and Daryn get back into the Green Party story with the angle of the future of the Green Party itself, and ask the question has at least Suncor finally got the message that we must #keepitintheground?

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