Government Captured: Selling YOU Out (517)

We begin the show with an update on the Nestle water controversy, which could see Ontario sell it's water to the private corp for a pathetic $3.71 per MILLION litres. Paul Dore co-host of the Open Kwong Dore Podcast joins us to discuss this story.

In the middle section Atiya Jaffar, Digital Organizer for 350 Canada takes the lead to discuss the ongoing story of the Husky Energy disaster in Saskatchewan, and an update on the ongoing protests in the USA with the Dakota First Nations over the Dakota Access Pipeline which is replacement for the dead Keystone XL pipeline project. Enbridge is once again involved for an additional Canadian connection, and the route and length is basically the same making the more or less the same fight, but less certain the outcome.

Finally, Daryn hosts a review of the criticism surrounding BC's new 'Carbon Plan' which was immediately and entirely blasted by scientists and ENGO's for doing basically nothing to achieve meaningful policy or goals for future policy. Some are surprised, we are not.

Bonus Show!

Paul, Atiya and Daryn continue our dissection of the BC Climate Announcement as well as discuss a new Canadian Oil company which seeks to reinvent the carbon extraction model. Does it matter? Should we claim victory or facepalm? Hosts discuss...

This Weeks Music:

Tragically Hip "New Orleans Is Sinking" & Lana Del Ray "Summertime Saddness" Remix VS Cedric Gervais

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