To Hell with Tolerance (513)

The Trudeau government is under fire again this week over the perceived bias of appointing someone with close ties to Kinder Morgan to a board reviewing Kinder Morgan proposals. Our Canadian pipeline coverage continues with another story about whistleblower reports of edited reports by Husky Energy (and likely others) hiding their complacency in protecting the public from spills.

After the break, we discuss some good news! A great breakthrough could be on the horizon with the technology to turn waste plastic into diesel fuel. Most people don’t realize that ocean tankers which carry much of our international trade are exempted from most climate regulations and have no fuel efficiency standards. Not only would technology like this clean up a lot of waste plastic, but potentially turn some of the worst possible energy systems on earth (diesel ship engines) to among the cleanest.

Afterwards, we play an inspirational clips from the Revolution Climate rally outside the Democratic National Convention this past week in Philadelphia. Inspiration and exciting we hope you enjoy! We played a short clip from the start but the full video (via The Young Turks) is available below.

Finally, Alex and Daryn follow the optimistic theme and talk about an article about positive traits you should try to live for 2016. While Daryn is not a fan of the flowers language (and you may or may not be either) it’s worth digging through for the actual meat and some good concepts that are worth considering.

Bonus Show!

We welcomed a surprise last min guest to the bonus show, and hopefully we will be seeing her again soon Shaya Tajvidi joins Alex and Daryn to talk about car-sharing, solar roads and banning personal transport vehicles to some degree.

This weeks music:

Brendon Canning “Keystone Dealers” & Versa “”Sapphire”

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