Think you know the price of oil? Think Again. (518)

Stefan leads us in a game of 'Pope or' with new statements by the Pope on the social ills of greed and the moral obligation to care for the environment. Stefan also provides a brief update on the Dakota Pipeline story and the indigenous people from all over the country coming to join the resistance to the 'Keystone XL 2.0'.

In the middle section, we play an interview recorded by Emmay Mah at the 2016 Commonbound conference in Buffalo, NY. She speaks to Denise Fairchild President & CEO of Emerald Cities Collaborative which seeks social justice and environmental responsibility through creating opportunities for disadvantaged communities have a path forward via the green economy.

In the final section, Daryn and Stefan discuss the shocking disconnect between Liberal rhetoric and action on climate both at the federal level (billions in oil subsidies) or the provincial (BC's "Carbon plan" subsidizes fossil fuels as well).

Bonus Show!

Daryn, Stefan and Alex discuss a news story about pesticide spraying to kill Zika virus infected mosquitoes, which also killed millions of honeybees. This leads to a discussion of the idea of 'threat triage' in public policy ie. the idea that some threats are more of a problem than others and that we should focus on those regardless of our emotional concerns and pet issues.

This Weeks Music:

Eschaton "To Dentist" & Lanterns "Gravel"

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