Dirty Dirty Liars #ExxonKnew (521)

Stefan starts the show with a review of new research regarding our climate change reality including updates to the math of just how much we need to cut back and how fast. Hint: It's not better than we thought. We also touch on the importance of the upcoming Paris Climate Agreement signatories of which Canada is included in the yet-to-ratify camp, as well as the importance of such an agreement within the context of the US elections in less than two months.

The middle section is all about the inherent flaws in our corporate regulation, and the fake outrage from the US Congress about excessive profits by companies like Mylan (Epipen Manufacturer) and Turing Pharmaceuticals (Martin Shkreli) despite the fact that this is precisely the behaviour our corporate laws are designed to incentivize. We discuss this with reference to the increasing coverage and litigation of and against Exxon.

Finally, Stefan and Daryn discuss new reports concerning shocking levels of Mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows communities, and the continuing amazing work by First Nations groups across North America to stand up to oil expansion while many of the rest of us sit back and let them do the heavy lifting for all of us. Please support First Nations groups fighting tar sands expansion! They're doing the hard part in many cases, the least we can do (literally) is voice our support.

Bonus Show!

Alex Ricci (our tech) joins the hosts to discuss solutions to the problem brought up in the middle section "dirty dirty liars" about how this type of greed is a feature of the system, not a flaw or oversight. Good news! We solved the problem :) bad news... there's not a politician on earth with the courage to enact these policies... yet.

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