Capitalism Itself Choosing Sides (537)

Stefan starts the show with former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson and his soon-to-be new role as Secretary of State for the US government. Not only did Rex preside over 20+ years of funding climate denial after already knowing from their own internal research that it was in fact true, but he has known associations with Vladmir Putin while Exxon has outstanding business deals with Russia put on hold by Obama's Russian sanctions. But I'm sure it's all fine, he divested his Exxon holdings right? Problem solved. Stefan also explores the implications of fraud charges for VW executives related to the emissions scandal last year.

In the middle section Daryn talks about a few topics but mainly the drama that played out this week when Jane Fonda captured international headlines by calling out Justin Trudeau. While Canadian environmentalists have been on his case for some time for being at least to some degree a fraud on climate change, international media have bought into the image of him as some lefty-saviour so this accusation by a big star got lots of attention... which is exactly why Jane Fonda did it.

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In the last section we interview Earth and Environmental Science Professor - Nathan Phillips from Boston University about his involvement with the 'Sleeping Giants' an partially anonymous twitter group that is using social media to expose brands who are (in many cases unaware) that they are paying ad revenue to hate sites full of fake news and racism like Brietbart. With Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon as one of the closest aids to President-Elect Trump however... this could get a lot worse before it gets better. Here's at least one tiny way to fight back, by making advertisers pick a side in the culture war.

Bonus Show:

Sabina is now also back! It's been a fun few weeks of reunions for us. Sabina directs the bonus show on the topic that most major companies really don't understand what climate change actually means, so how are they supposed to plan for it even if they have the best intentions?

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