How To Resist Trump(ism) (538)

We begin the show by discussing some ideas for how to resist the incoming Trump inauguration. Stefan shares some ideas sent into us by listeners, and we discuss. Daryn also suggests some tempting options that you should absolutely NOT do. 

In the second section Daryn discusses a surprising comment Justin Trudeau made during his cross-country tea time tour in front of an Alberta audience. Seemingly out of nowhere he admits that Canada must eventually phase out the tar-sands, but how? Why say this now? Why first to this audience? Daryn prepares the case against Trudeau as a leader and a communicator. Short version: Right answer, wrong messaging. Trudeau things he's a good politician, he's not.

Also, here's some other news we didn't get to but you should read this week!

Lastly we interview Dugald Maudsley, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and president of Infield Fly Productions with regards to their newest CBC’s The Nature of Things doc: MYTH OR SCIENCE: THE SECRETS OF OUR SENSES which premieres on Thursday, January 26 at 8PM (8:30PM NL). We discuss some of the ways in which our senses, and therefor our conclusions can easily be fooled. In the age of subjective truth it is more important than ever that we realize just how easily we can be fooled, and the importance of peer-reviewed science to be the arbiter instead of personal beliefs or political partisanship.

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