Into The Fire (578)

Puerto Rico is still suffering 37 days after the hurricane that ravaged it's people and infrastructure, and to make matters worse there appears to be some possible corruption in the rebuilding contracts as well. Stefan highlights the story of Whitefish a tiny 2 year old, 2 person company that received a $300 million contract under seemingly suspicious circumstances.

Our guest this week is writer, producer and director of 'Into The Fire' Leora Eisen for CBC's The Nature of Things. Leora talks to us about the relationship between wildfires and climate change, how little we actually know about fires and how old knowledge is combining with new technology to help control them. 

Nature created it. Humans learned to harness it. Now, as the planet heats up, scientists are desperately trying to understand it. A compelling new documentary looks at the science of fire, especially in light of this summer’s massive wildfires in British Columbia and the 2016 fire that devastated Fort McMurray.  Into The Fire provides viewers with some startling revelations about that timeless process called ‘fire.’  It premieres on CBC’s The Nature of Things on Sunday, November 5 at 8PM  (8:30PM NL).

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To close out the show, Saryn and Stefan talk about an investigation initiated by Canadian Mining Companies to make sure that smaller countries were not giving them a bad deal and keep an eye on corruption... which actually reveals that Canadians are actually the ones being hosed. Oil companies pay far far less tax in Canada then abroad, even when it's 'Canadian' companies selling their products almost entirely overseas.

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