Fall CIUT Fundraising Show (581)

This week is the fall CIUT fundraiser but that doesn't stop us from having a great show! 

Stefan and Saryn begin with the most recent pipeline spill. Earlier this week Enbridge's Keystone pipeline spilled thousands of gallons of oil onto First Nations land in South Dakota.

Filmmaker Andrew Gregg joins the show to talk about his most recent DOC 'Secrets From The Ice' which explores the new field of melted ice-patch archaeology. They explore the discoveries made when ice sheets that haven't melted in hundreds or thousands of years melt (due to climate change) to reveal lost and never before seen treasures of history.  The doc airs this Sunday November 19th at 8pm on the Nature of Things, and will be available online soon.

Finally, guest host Rob Shirkey executive director of 'Our Horizon' about the consequences of winning as the push for automation and electrification improves our ability to mitigate climate change but also can have huge implications for what we currently understand as jobs and economy.

This Weeks Music:

Basia Bulat "Heart Of My Own" & Terra Lightfoot "Norma Gale"

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