Bonus Show: Be Our Producer!

Audio: approx 3 hrs/week

  • Audio Editing for Show (See walkthrough)

    • Cleaning up the audio files

    • Publishing two version (radio & podcast on soundcloud)

    • Writing post to go with show

  • Audio editing of pre-records/recording pre-records

Interviews/Emails: Approximately 1 hr/week

  • Responding to interview requests/booking interviews

  • Responding to general inquiries about the show

Programming the Show: 2 hrs/week

  • Proactively reaching out to other enviro podcasts/interesting folks
  • Soliciting feedback (via social media, website, email, etc)
  • Plan/program one 20 min segment per week

  • Organize/maintain group of producers who would program 20 minute segments

    • This could include just providing news articles & thoughts, leading a discussion, record their own segment, etc

Social Media/Promotion of Show: approx 2 hrs/week

  • Hootsuite promotion of the show (one post per day promoting show, one post per day promoting Patreon)

  • Pulling quote/lines for show, pull out pieces and promote those pieces (One per week-ish)

  • Promote in other ways

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