Chemical Valley Project (582)

Green Majority producer David Hostetter interviews the creators of the Chemical Valley Project, Kevin Matthew Wong and Julia Howman. Kevin and Julia talk to us about the purpose of the project, what is 'documentary theatre' and most importantly learn a lot about Sarnia's famous Chemical Valley.

Through a unique blend of documentary-theatre, projections and object puppetry, the show seeks to spark conversations on Canadian environmental policy, treaty rights and indigenous relations, as well as the current nature of Canadian identity and values. The Chemical Valley Project is created by Kevin Matthew Wong and Julia Howman, with the dramaturgy and advisement of Vanessa and Lindsay Gray.

Learn more about the Chemical Valley Project and Broadleaf Theatre here.

At the end of the program, hosts Stefan Hostetter and Saryn Caister discuss the breaking news of the local Nebraska council and most importantly why Native American and environmental groups are still fairly optimistic they can stop the project.

This Weeks Music:

Caribou "Julia Brightly"Tanya Tagaq "Aorta" 

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