The Pepsi (Ocean) Challenge (583)

Stefan starts the show with an interest piece on the topic of vertical farming. Does it hold the keys to the future? Probably not, at least not soon or alone but some interesting parties are increasingly investing heavily in the field.

In the middle section we talk about the wide gap between talk and action on climate. A number of energy companies have now had so much pressure put on them that they are making at least some voluntary climate goals. Canada's association of petroleum producers (CAPP) is not joining Royal Dutch Shell in these efforts, instead committing to do something similar? The hosts discuss.

Finally, we finish off with a bit of a news roundup. We talk about a new study on the impacts of extreme weather on US climate change attitudes, and the headliner of course :) the Pepsi lobster.

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David Myles "When It Comes my Turn"Craig Cardiff "Last Love Letter"

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