What We Learned From The Tea Party (541)

Stefan starts the show with Rex Tillerson, former Exxon CEO and now Secretary of State for the USA and how this may relate to clean energy investment and other policies in Canada. We also talk about whether or not these disastrous appointments by Trump will embolden the resistance in Canada and abroad on a wide variety of social and economic issues in addition to climate action.

Our interview this week is with Matthew Klippenstein, a chemical engineer turned renewable energy consultant, who chronicles the Canadian electric vehicle market for GreenCarReports.com. Matthew talks to us about EV sales trends in Canada and abroad, Elon Musk idolatry and the hush hush story of the failing oil industry no one seems to know about.

In the last section Sabina updates us on the new round of protests and resistance from #NODAPL in response to Trumps executive orders concerning pipelines (he completely coincidentally is invested in) and similar fights with First Nations communities here in Canada.

Bonus Show:

Sabina, Daryn and Kay talk about the imminent threat to current economic and social balance across the planet due to the rapid mechanization of huge sectors of the workforce, and also play a game of 'what if' regarding future theoretical environmental issues of extraterrestrial mining operations.

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 Arkells "John Lennon" & Broken Social Scene "Swimmers"

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