Corporations: For Better or Worse (540)

Stefan starts the show sadly confirming a suspicion we've had since last year that the Prime Minister has no apparent intention to stand up for one of his most critical campaign promises: electoral reform. On the upside, Stefan also updates us on the rapid scale at which battery power storage which is critical to the renewable revolution is growing in 2017.

Daryn takes aim at a new court decision against Monsanto building in California, good news with a serious asterisks. Daryn also talks about a new breakthrough in flexible, printable solar cells that could help bring cheap renewable energy to 1.3 billion people, with of course... yet another asterisks.

Sabina hosts the final section with a look at Trumps impact on American agriculture, subsidies and big agro. She also mentions an attempt by Canadian scientists to support their southern colleagues in these troubled times.

Bonus Show:

Sabina and Daryn talk about Trudeau's development of a very small backbone in response to Trump this past week, as well as answer a listener question regarding capitalism itself being "the problem".

This Weeks Music:

The New Pornographers "All The Old Show Stoppers" & Wolf Parade "I'll Believe In Anything"

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