Solutions: Not Just Resistance (546)

Our show this week is solutions focused, with two interviews and a round table in place of news. In the first segment, Green Majority contributor Krystyna Henke interviews actor Sarah Sherman about her latest role in Peace River Country, which is currently being performed at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. The play is based on the real life events surrounding Wiebo Ludwig’s fight against the oil and gas industry in Alberta in the 1990s and beyond. He was sent to prison for vandalizing and bombing gas wells.

In the middle section co-host Stefan Hostetter interviews 2017 Centre for Social Innovation (disclosure, both Stefan and Daryn work for CSI) Agent of Change Peggy Sue regarding her ethical and environmentally friendly clothing line Peggy Sue Collections. They discuss the ways in which the clothes meet these standards as well as challenges in marketing such items to the general public.

In the final section, host Daryn Caister throws some general questions to the entire panel about some of the themes mentioned in the two interviews for discussion regarding impactful actions for good or bad (bombing pipelines), the role of companies in educating customers about the environment and ways they keep themselves sane in the age of Trump.

Bonus Show:

Due to a technical/scheduling issue that surprised us this week after the show we didn't record one as we usually do. We may record one before next weeks show and post it separately in the next few days if possible.

This Weeks Music:

Jason Collett "I'll Bring The Sun"Cold Specks - Elephant Head

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