Peeing Where You Drink (544)

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The EPA is next on the chopping block in the US for Trump, with massive cuts between %25 and %45 depending on the department. If that wasn't bad enough, it's not enough to 'save money' but that he simply wants to make this cuts to dump more money into the military industrial complex. Who needs clean water when you have tanks and bombers?

In the middle of the program, Green Majority's Art's and Culture correspondent Geoff Doner interviews Bob Isenberger, Director of Programs at The Ecologos Institute / Water Docs Film Festival. Water Docs is a film festival based largely in Toronto on it's sixth year bringing stories, lessons and images to live to celebrate and inform about our most important resource and all the joy it brings us. The festival is running March 29 to April 2 in Toronto.

In the final section we talk about food and drink. Startups attempting to coax meat eaters away from their meat-based burgers are earning $100 million dollar buy ins from Google and Bill Gates. Up north, the breweries are getting involved in the fight against Energy East Pipeline. The 4,500 km pipeline, which will transport if completed 1.1 million barrels of oil a day cross 860 waterways in Quebec alone... and the Quebec microbrewery industry is concerned about their most important input... Water.

Bonus Show:

If we had something like a guaranteed minimum income, that could drastically change the way may social assistance programs work but could also save money from many granting programs as well. This week the panel discusses what they would do if they were willing to accept a basic income to focus on making art (pressure and/or grant-application free) full time. We had an AMAZING discussion, far better than I was hoping for honestly haha. Check it out.

This Weeks Music:

Leonard Cohen 'Sisters of Mercy' & John K Samson 'When I write MA Thesis'

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