Mining Violence (552)

Stefan starts the show with a look back at the history of the climate movement to commemorate tomorrow's People's Climate March in Canada and all over the world. It's been a long fight, and we are nowhere near done but a stop for some reflection is often a good idea.

Daryn talks about a component of the Alberta governments climate change related policies, specifically an 'instant rebate' program that basically pays people to upgrade things they were going to buy anyways to a more sustainable alternative. This idea is as old as time, but the way it works and the indirect benefits that may not be obvious are worth discussing, as is the fact that this is happening in Alberta. Daryn also talks about the heartbreaking history of violence against local, usually poor communities all over the world by Canadian mining companies (or their proxies, for which they are responsible). Rape, murder and corruption: it's on our hands as Canadians. Finally Daryn sneaks in a quick discussion of money in politics in light of the BC elections.

Sabina takes a look at food systems in the last section, particularly the invisible women who contribute so much to the works that allows us to eat, but so often get no credit or power in decision making surrounding farming and agriculture.

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Rush 'YYZ' & Mother Mother 'Dirty Town'

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