End Of An Empire (557)

This weeks show is pretty straight forward, because basically everyone is talking about either Trump or BC elections this week. We give it our take, and provide an overview of the reporting to date.

Stefan starts the show with an update on the 'green/orange alliance' with respect to the BC election surprise. With the Green Party having unprecedented influence, an emboldened NDP and a defiant Christy Clark almost anything can still happen. We review what has actually transpired and talk about possible resolutions. We also discuss the implications this might have (regardless what happens) on the federal political stage.

Saryn tackles Trump (har har) and the pullout announcement for the Paris Accord on Climate. While almost no-one is surprised, and the act's debatable important for American domestic policy it has HUGE importance for the global political climate. Not necessarily all for the worse!

In the final section the hosts continue discussing the issue of the international impact, and very briefly about the new conservative party leader here in Canada.

This Weeks Music:

Rush 'Tom Sawyer' & Neil Young 'Down By The River'

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