Climate Change Is Here Now (560)

This week we focus on largely on climate effects, as they are already causing havoc. Additionally as these effects become more clear, some hard to predict further complications can become apparent complicating mitigation efforts and causing additional difficulties and danger the world over. Stefan begins with several current climate impacts we are already seeing.

In the middle section Saryn talks about the science behind higher temperatures attributed to climate change is increasingly interfering with air travel as planes have temperature operating ranges that are now being exceeded causing delayed and cancelled flights due to heat wave. We also discuss Donald Trumps surprising suggestion of putting solar panels on the supposed ‘Mexico border wall’.


Finally we spend the majority of the last section with a discussion of the news that Exxon, BP and Shell Oil companies among other large multinational corporations are ‘suddenly’ on board with pushing for an American price on carbon… with a higher price per ton that is even being implemented in Canada. We haven’t busted out the champagne yet, listen to find out why. We also briefly mention a liberal proposal on repairing Canada’s public broadcaster the CBC after years of intentional damage done by the Harper conservatives.

This Weeks Music:

Buffy Sainte-Marie 'Disinformation' & A Tribe Called Red 'Look At This'

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