It's Too Hot To Be Sad (564)

Rob Shirkey is our guest host this week with Stefan still away and it's hot. Damn hot. 

The hosts agree that it would be a nice summer break to stick with some more fun stuff this week and lay off the heavy (well mostly). To this end we talk about some news, some social pondering, and everything from dating to non-traditional family structure in a climate changing world.

Rob mentions some info about how we are actually doing in the race to limit carbon (hint: not good) which leads into a discussion of tactics and messaging as it relates to Rob's work as the Executive Director for Our Horizon.

In the final section, we did talk more about actual news. Primarily we talk about an uncomfortable marriage between renewables and mining (at least for now).

We also teased a few heavier stories, but didn't really have the heart this week to dig into them. We may come back to them (they are ongoing issues) but for now, here's what we had flagged if you can handle it...

This Weeks Music:

Stan Rogers "Barrett's Privateers" & Tegan and Sarah "Boyfriend"

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