Planning To Win Ep. 3 - Future (574)

With episode 3 of our ongoing Planning to Win series, Stefan Hostetter and Emmay Ma are joined by Lawrence Alvarez of the Toronto Tool Library and the Institute for a Resource Based Economy to chat about his ideas on what a sustainable future could look like and how alternative economies can play a role. 

*Planning to Win, is a series of interviews and discussions with people, organizations, and movements who are building the sustainable future, today.

What does a sustainable world actually look like? And how does this thinking impact an educational system? Vince discusses the power of giving children more control of their own learning and how to use motivational interviewing to inspire change.

We want this to be a collaborative project. So send us your visions of a sustainable world and we'll go out and find people working to bring those into reality. Or maybe you know of an incredible initiative that you think should be highlighted. Let us know!

Produced by: David Hostetter & Paul Dore.

This Weeks Music:

Kaytranada, Despite the Weather, from 99.9% & BadBadNotGood & Ghostface Killah, Nuggets of Wisdom, from Sour Soul

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