Tough Choices Ahead (590)

We begin this week with wolfs! BC's new NDP/Green coalition government appears to be set to extend an increase in "wolf trapping season" on Vancouver Island, but the argument for it is bizarre at best. Once you dig deeper you discover that the previous Liberal government (who originally proposed the change) had some rather dubious reasoning for it, and at the very least possibly was for corrupt reasons to benefit the logging industry.

In the middle section, we talk about a new climate sensitivity study that is ripe for being misused as it lowers under specific circumstances and without taking feedback loops into consideration the max estimated warming by 2100. As usual, the story is not entirely as simple as it might appear. We also discuss Bitcoin, and how it's actually a disaster for the planet.

Finally, we discuss Cape Town, South Africa as they near "Day 0" for extreme water rationing measures after 3 years of drought and 60% of residents ignoring municipal instructions to drastically limit water use. 

This Weeks Music:

Weaves "Walkaway"Oh Susannah "Puget Sound"

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