Budget 2018 In Review (596)

Segment 1: The Jellyfish Apocalypse
and why you should believe (and doubt) everything you hear

Stefan starts us off with an update on his favorite topic. More to the point this story helps us remember that not only is no research ever the final word, but that often the reason you may think science is always changing it's mind is that the journalist reporting on it has different incentives (and educational backgrounds) to the scientists doing the work which often confuses what conclusions should be drawn from a given study or paper.

Segment 2: Saryn Takes on the budget

The federal budget came out yesterday and there's a lot in there that would make environmentally concerned citizens happy. We discuss the details, what's good, what's bad and what we don't know yet. Most importantly however, what isn't in it, and how should we feel about this potentially mixed bag?

Segment 3: Bad News Bears

To close, we had no choice but to share some scary stuff. Sorry... it is an environmental news show.

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