The Power Of Poo (600)

It's our 600'th episode today! Imagine that :)

Stefan starts the show with one of the first ever successful applications of the 'necessity defense' in the acquittal of 13 climate protesters in the USA.

Dr. Jennifer Gardy - Microbiologist and science educator joins us in the middle section to discuss her upcoming piece for CBC's The Nature of Things: The Power Of Poo. Dr. Gardy talks to us about some uncomfortable feces facts, the wealth of information that can be gained by sampling sewers for community health and to ruin beaches for you :)

Myth or Science: The Power of Poo will be broadcast on CBC’s The Nature of Things, Sunday, April 1 at 8PM (8:30PM NL) and will be available online Friday, March 30 at 5PM ET at

Finally, Stefan and Saryn discuss Ontario's newly proposed climate accountability act which could put some legal bite in the climate fight. As well we want to call attention to the rapidly increasing numbers of environmental activists being killed all over the world, with at least 16 so far this year.

This Weeks Music:

Alex Goodman Trio "Moonriver" & Grimes "Oblivion"

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