Big Drills VS Big Ideas (606)

We begin the show with one of our new volunteers (Jason Hansma) reviewing the brief Greenbelt issue in Ontario election politics with reference to Doug Fords (short-lived) proposal to pave over the protected area. 

David Hostetter then follows up with a backgrounder on our interview in section two on the backstory to the controversial 'exploratory drilling' approved to proceed off a protected marine habitat off the Nova Scotia coast.

In section two, Stefan interviews Robin Tress of Council of Canadians about the local impact and political/procedural details of the 'BP Scotian Basin Exploration Project' from an East Coast perspective. We discuss the facts as they are known, the concerns of the people affected and the process that led us to this point. 

You can learn more and sign the Council of Canadian's petition here.

In section three, Saryn hosts a brief discussion of some fundamental structural issues with our political system in Canada, and more importantly some ideas about how to fix them. In brief, the democratization of media (social media's rise) has drowned out the traditional media. While in some cases this might be a good thing, the downside is that there are no longer objective public facts that everyone agrees to that we debate policy about, instead arguing about the fundamental facts involved themselves. This poisons our politics and our democracy in a number of ways. 

Unfortunately we ran out of time to discuss beyond my initial presentation, but we will return next week for more. If you have any thoughts, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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Fandago Quartet "Patrick Roux" - Carnaval & Northcote "Worry"

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