The Green Majority Podcast


Do YOU ever feel like the world's gone bonkers?

We live in a world that is seemingly constantly telling us that the solution to our problems is more stuff. Our governments are acting as if we have unlimited resources and so abusing them has no consequences. We know that's nonsense, but sometimes this fight seems too big or too distant. What can I alone do? This problem is unquestionably bigger than I am. Is it ridiculous to think we can work together to overcome these challenges? 

Maybe it IS possible...

Young people all over the world are transforming the environmental movement into a justice-oriented revolutionary push for an equitable, cooperative and sustainable democratic civilization. The youth have hope, but more importantly they have willpower, and they are not going to stop until we have changed the system. Our aim is to support and grow this movement through informed environmental dissent.

Since 2006, the Green Majority has produced a weekly environmental radio show and podcast to provide REAL TALK about environment issues that you won't find in the corporate media. We curate and synthesize top news stories and have honest and serious discussions about where our species is headed.

We aim to put those most affected by climate change and environmental injustice at centre of our conversations. We're not there yet, but we hope to be able to bring together a diverse range of voices on environmental issues in order to strengthen, sustain and promote the transformational movement that is already in the works.

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