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Here are some other ways you can help...

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Buy a T-Shirt - Start a friendly conversation with strangers or your friends. One of our main messages is that we support selfish (practical) environmentalism. Our "Earth is Fine, Are We?" logo is meant to emphasize this point. To do what needs to be done we need teammates, not enemies. Let's go make some new friends!

To check out the awesome design (based on our Climate Cartoons series) and order yours click here.

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You can phone our comment line or email us a nice message here and vote for the news here.

Syndication for the Radio Show - Done all that and still want to help? WOW you are absolutely incredible. There's one more thing that we'd love your help with. Most community radio stations are always eager to find well produced content, particularly spoken word shows as they are the most expensive/resource intensive to produce. However, for the same tight-resources reasons, they also don't have much time to look around for new content. The best way to get on a new station is to call/email them and ask them to carry our show. This each new station that carries us exposes us to hundreds or thousands of potential new listeners, and usually all it requires is to call or email them and recommend us.

You can find a list of Canadian community stations here, most of them with contact info as well but you'll probably have the most luck if it's your local station you already listen too. Don't be shy! They are usually very happy to receive content suggestions, especially from listeners as it saves them tons of work. Not in Canada? Try wikipedia as they have lots of lists for other Countries community and public radio stations as well for wherever you are.

Thanks so much! Every single thing you do helps, and we are so very thankful.