What is the Green Majority Podcast?


Do YOU ever feel like the world's gone bonkers?

We live in a world that is seemingly constantly telling us that the solution to our problems is more stuff. Our governments are acting as if we have unlimited resources and so abusing them has no consequences. We know that's nonsense, but sometimes this fight seems too big or too distant. What can I alone do? This problem is unquestionably bigger than I am. Is it ridiculous to think we can work together to overcome these challenges? 

Perhaps you think like we think... that if we keep trying we can get enough people to say it often and loud enough that eventually the big decision makers of the world might listen.

Maybe it IS possible...

  • People can and are being informed, and information is easier than ever to share. Since 2006 we've reached more than 20 million listeners.

  • Oil companies, despite knowingly funding anti-science for half a century are finally beginning to concede (openly) the inevitable de-carbonization of our planet. Our Climate Cartoons series shows the how and why so we can make this happen faster.

  • Sweden just announced 100% carbon neutral goals, and other countries and cities all over the world are increasingly following suit. Every week 50,000 people hear our message of hope... and we're growing.

  • The world seems to be coming along, it just needs a little encouragement to make sure we do it in time. Maybe it's the hemp smoothy talking, but we actually just might be able to do this!

Green Majority Media is a social enterprise dedicated to inspiring citizens to take control of their own environments whether their own house or their country and protect their rights to a healthy and safe life. Governments and corporations make most of the rules that govern our lives and sadly they don't always have our safety and prosperity at the top of their list. It's up to us to stand up and speak out, and our organization is all about arming people with information so they can protect themselves and their families futures. We answer to our members, and we hope that means you!

Please share, subscribe and if you can... we always need more members.