Science: It Works Baby! (551)

Image Credit: Robert Rigel

We focus on a wide variety of science issues this week, featuring Evan Savage from the March for Science Toronto chapter. But wait, wasn't that just a Stephen Harper thing? We find out...

Stefan begins with some questionable politics in BC. Are the liberals really liberals? With residents among Canada's most environmentally conscious the liberal party is anything but climate champions making provincial politics in BC a particularly murky business.

Evan Savage joins us from the Toronto chapter of the March for Science. We ask Evan why this is still an issue under Trudeau? What does incorporating science into public policy mean? And most importantly, why don't we already? The March for Science is happening TOMORROW and you can find info on the Toronto march as well as a march near you for those outside Toronto below.

In the final section, Sabina talks about the acceleration of atmospheric CO2 in the last few years. Wait, aren't we supposedly making progress? Shortly, no but the details of perhaps why are the most important part of the story.

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