Coal Miners Daughter (554)

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Stefan begins with a look at news out of India to make every car in the country electric by 2030, as well as more progress by China as we see non-north American, but influential economic and political interests alight behind renewables and climate policy generally.

Rob Shirkey from Our Horizon joins us for the middle section to talk about his international campaign to have tobacco-like health warnings on gas pumps. Rob also takes on the hosts point about Trudeau's pipelines for climate action blackmail point showing that, at least for now it's a winner apparently with voters.

Saryn closes out the hour with a brief overview of the BC elections and what this might mean for resource extraction projects proposed to run through BC. This leads to a discussion of political trends leading from the US north (eventually) and the Justice Democrats movement of Bernie Sanders style real-people first time politicians using a clip from this episode of the Young Turks. The clip played is of coal miners daughter Paula Jean Swearengin, newly a politician seeking to primary corporate-friendly establishment Democrat Joe Manchin in West Virginia, USA.

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Ben Caplan 'Ride On' & Amy Millan 'Old Perfume'

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