Trudeau's Climate Shell Game (556)

We cover fewer news stories this week and instead spend a little extra time on analysis. Peppered throughout the show we take a look at stories from a policy prospective and make some proposals about how to address these issues.

Stefan begins this week with a quick update on various pipeline problems for pretty much every company operating in Canada (also Dakota Access). He also leads a brief discussion of food policy, what's wrong with it and what's wrong with what most people think about it. This evolves into a theme for the week.

Saryn spends the middle of the show talking largely about Catherine McKenna's announcement of more details on Canada's methane reduction policy. It's 3 years behind and not good enough, but we talk about WHY and how to fit it (without even necessarily changing the policy).

In the final section Stefan and Saryn talk more about food, tidal power in Canada and how these policies could really use some work to be effective. Particularly we talk about the structure of the policy at a meta level, rather than specific provisions or regulations.

This Weeks Music:

Close Talker 'All Of Us'  & Feist 'I Wish I Didn't Miss You'

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