Sunshine Spills (553)

Stefan starts the show with a political reality check with regards to rhetoric, on all sides of the climate conversation. Politicians have a hard job to do well, and they often can't do what many of their constituents want them to do, regardless what facts may be involved. This doesn't take the pressure of them, but it does matter how and what change you ask for. Bottom line: demands are not enough. 

Our interview this week is with Chris Caners - General Manager for SolarShare. SolarShare is a solar photovoltaic (ie. panels not water heaters) energy investment co-op. Their goal is to allow Ontario residents to directly make sound financial investments that also improve the carbon output of the energy grid they rely on. We talk to Chris about opportunities and challenges of the solar industry in Canada.

Sabina wraps us up with a look at Brad Wall - Premier of Saskatchewan's battle against apparently any carbon policy. We also talk about the already apparent impacts of not taking climate change seriously (and the cost of not taking is seriously) with more now-regular stories of flooding and extreme weather in Canada.

This Weeks Music:

Feist 'Pleasure' & 'The Bad In Each'

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