We Need To Talk (559)

Stefan starts the show with a discussion around public-private partnerships, specifically a hypothetical proposal regarding removing paved roads as car-use declines over time in exchange for property rights. It's just an idea, but it could solve multiple problems at once and has positive outcomes for citizens, governments and the companies involved. This is informed by more tangible ideas being discussed in Toronto by TransformTO, and the difficulty of actually doing anything about it.

Saryn hosts an "oil update" for Canada and internationally discussing various shareholder 'revolts' at the worlds largest oil companies. Shareholders are attempting to force companies in various ways to take climate change more seriously as it pertains to the risk involved in their current and future valuations as companies.

In the final section, the hosts discuss some interesting sounding tcechnologies in the works including paint that can generate hydrogen fuel, and instantly rechargeable batteries.

This Weeks Music:

Mother Mother "Hey Loft" & Rush "Subdivisions"

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