Electrify Canada (563)

This week Stefan is away so I am joined by friend of the show and 'The Sustainable Economist' - Tim Nash. Tim and Saryn discuss the role of electrification in Canada's energy mix, from a political, social and finance perspective. 

After the break, Matthew Klippenstein joins us for a segment drilling down further into the electricity conversation as the Green Majority EV (electric vehicle) correspondant. Matthew talks to us about how Elon Musk's ability to capture headlines is annoying Nissan, the progress of EV in the Canadian market (and abroad) and the social/status component of vehicle ownership among many other topics.

In the final section, Tim and Saryn discuss Trump, and the role of Canada in the G19 when it comes to climate change (and possibly more).

This Weeks Music:

Badbadnotgood 'In Your Eyes' & Lanikai 'I'm Glad'

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