Sea What I Did There? (565)

Stefan is back and takes the reigns today with a look at the BC election fallout, the future of LNG projects and local politics and more.

In the middle segment, producer, writer and director Gillian Burt joins the program to talk about her documentary film Tied to the Sea exploring the vital role the oceans play in sustaining life on this planet. She talks about fear, hope, and the path forward and shares some of the perspectives of some of those interviewed for the film. If that isn't enough to watch the trailer, it features Saryn!

In the final section, Barbora Grochalova an environmental lawyer from Toronto helps us dig through the details of the recent court decisions regarding the appeal of NEB's approval to do seismic testing in Clyde River went through (preventing further work), however the appeal of the Chippewa's challenge of Line 9 consultation did not. She helps us understand why we likely ended up with two opposite decisions over arguably very similar cases and what this means for future conflicts over resource development in Canada that uses first nations land.

This Weeks Music:

Great Lake Swimmers "I Will Never See The Sun" & Leonard Cohen "You Got Me Singing"

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