Assassinating Activists (566)

Stefan starts the show with a terrifying report on assassinated environmentalists, particularly recent spike with 113 being killed so far this year alone. We also draw a line back to the Canadian mining companies, which are all too often implicated, involved or indefensibly ignorant.

In the middle of the program Dusha Sritharan, Climate Change Campaigner from TEA (Toronto Environmental Alliance) joins us to explain (by listener request) the in's and out's of Toronto's shiny new climate change plan. Will it ever actually be implemented or funded? What does it mean? What does it actually do? Dusha answers these questions and more.

In the final section, Saryn talks about the 'cult of personality' that surrounds both American President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They couldn't be more different could they? A recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine by Justin Trudeau offers a crack in the rose colored glasses many Canadians, and seemingly far more international journalists seems to be wearing about our 'super shiny' instagram Prime Minister.

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