The State Of Journalism (525)

We start this week with an update on last weeks coverage of the international hydrofluorocarbons agreement that was announced just after last weeks show, and more bad news on top of bad news regarding the clean up effort of the diesel spill off the BC coast. Finally, a quick comment about the death of the traditional climate denial movement and the increasing irrelevance of the 'luke warmer' more insidious soft-denialsm movement.

Our feature this week is a conversation with Canadian journalist Mike De Souza, who is currently working for the National Observer after spending years in the establishment media. Mike has recently published replies to attacks on his and N.O.'s credibility, and we discuss these as examples of the atmosphere surrounding independent journalism in Canada. 

In the final section Stefan and Daryn continue the conversation about the role of an independent media in a democracy, as well as provide further examples of why this is so important with a selection of recent news.

Bonus Show!

The conversation about independent media continues, but in the bonus show we discuss some possible solutions including the idea of applying a similar system of public financing for independent media that we apply to political parties in Canada.

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Deadmau5 'Ghosts N Stuff'Gil Scott-Heron 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

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