The World Is Holding It's Breath (527)

We begin the show with the news that the Paris Climate agreement comes into effect this week, and discuss it within the context of the 'however...' rule of reading environment news headlines of any kind. While this is certainly a momentous achievement worth celebrating, it must be taken with the more or less universally accepted caveat that the agreement in it's current form doesn't come close to creating the kind of systemic change that the climate science requires. This is of course not even including the issue of whether or not it's even adhered to, which due to the encouraging rather than enforcement style agreement is another matter entirely. At the end of the day, it really comes down to whose lives matter?

Our opening section ran a bit long this week (sorry sometimes we just get on a roll) but in the abbreviated middle section we discuss some new (and old we missed) news regarding the peaceful North Dakota Access Pipeline protests and the military-style police response. The biggest piece of this was an exposed FAKE protester with an AR-15 automatic rifle that tried to infiltrate the protest group and was disarmed and cornered by protestors before being arrested (by indigenous law enforcement from the reserve land, not the line of military police protecting the pipeline construction). While no official conspiracy with the pipeline company can be assumed at this point, the man was confirmed to be driving a DAPL truck to the incident and had DAPL ID with his information in the truck. There is currently no information linking this man to any sanctioned or coordinated actions by the company.

n the final section, Stefan and Daryn discuss the impending American presidential election or rather the futility of even trying, along with some news of Montreal journalists being spied on by local police apparently to try to reveal sources and steal other sensitive information. This chilling and ongoing attack on a free press must be exposed and resisted. Yes Canada, this means us too!

Bonus Show:

Stefan and Daryn get further into the discussion of US politics in general, in the context of the upcoming election, and as well disagree (slightly as usual) about just how skeptical to be of Justin Trudeau's climate commitments.

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