Processing Grief (528)

With no room in our hearts for politics this week, Stefan and Daryn with the help of some special guests talk about dealing with grief and how to pick yourself back up after the US election results. To this end, our first guest is Barbara Erochina a wellness councillor who will help us talk through some of the difficult feelings we are experiencing right now.

You can learn more about Barbara and her couching practice here.

In the middle section, Green Majority contributor Krystyna Henke interviews Murray Reiss. Originally from Sarnia, Ontario, Murray Reiss is an award-winning Canadian poet who's been living on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia since the late 1970's. His book include 'Distance from the Locus' (Mothertongue Press, 2006), 'The Survival Rate of Butterflies in the Wild' (Hagios Press, 2013), and 'Cemetery Compost' (Frontenac House, 2016). His work has also been published in a number of Canadian and American literary magazines and anthologies. Reiss is a Climate Action Performance Poet and a founding member of the 'Only Planet Cabaret', as well as an environmental writer.

You can learn more about Murray Reiss here.

In the final section, Stefan and Daryn discuss one good... but in context of everything else confusing piece of news that voters in Florida voted down a sneaky bill that was trying to quash solar installations under the guise of promoting renewable energy, and pontificate about the legacy of Elon Musk.

Bonus Show:

A new volunteer joins us to talk Microbead bans and Daryn explains why he likes (certain kinds) of video games for some escapism relief and how these can help mentally explore the kind of world we want to live in.

This Weeks Music:

Gord Downie 'The Stranger' & Leonard Cohen 'Everybody Knows'

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