Animals Are Smarter Than You Think (529)

This week is CIUT's fall fundraising show, but that doesn't stop us from having an action packed show! We interview Leora Eisen (Director) about the new Nature of Things CBC documentary 'Think Like An Animal', as well as cover some of the horror stories coming out of the US, as well as what it means for Canada and the international community.

Learn more about 'Think Like An Animal' here and watch it live on TV Thursday, November 24th @ 8pm on CBC-TV.

For the national news, Stefan talks about the closing COP22 talks with an eye to the implications for Canada, as well as the first indications that Trudeau will likely go ahead and push through several pipelines in Canada despite his rhetoric on climate change.

In the final section Daryn discusses the so-far international response to Trumps win with regards to international climate agreements and participation. China to our (thrilled) surprise came out strong against Trumps accusations of making up climate change and pledges to move forward with climate action regardless of US participation. Daryn also comments on some theoretical implications for the international balance of power as a result of this over the next few years with regards to the internal stability of the US and the relationships between big players like the UK, US, Canada, China and Russia.

Bonus Show:

We took this week off! Back next week we promise :)

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