Science Unmuzzled: Are We Listening? (534)

It's not even Christmas yet and Trump already sent Trudeau a present, with his vocal support for reopening the Keystone XL pipeline discussion that the Obama administration famously killed last year. While some are surprised that Trudeau would want to spend even more political capital than he already has on championing yet another pipeline, he did always say he supported it. What could be more disturbing than Trudeau's pipeline agenda, is the apparent ease with which Trudeau is willing to snuggle up to our new fascist narcissist in chief to the south.

Before we had Trudeau of course we had Harper, and one of the most memorable moments from that campaign to replace him was the overnight hit and story of an Environment Canada scientist put on paid leave for writing a protest song against the government called "Harperman". The song was written by Tony Turner, and he joins us today live as our guest to discuss how he's feeling about all that has changed in Canada since 'Harperman' is indeed no more. 

In the last section the hosts dissect an interview with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley done for The Tyee (another Canadian independent news organization) about her feelings about the pushback she's receiving from across the political spectrum. The interview encapsulates in many ways the main problems with the climate discussion in Canada and the hosts discuss.

Bonus Show:

Stefan reads a great clip from a coal miner who has some great advice for everyone on both sides of the climate/pipeline issue, and the hosts comment.

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Future Peers 'For Friends' & Sugar Glider 'I'm All Alone'

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