Who Cares What The Public Thinks? (577)

We begin this week with Stefan's 'This week in Armageddon' update as we cover two massive (both by size and impact) studies regarding a catastrophic decline in insect populations (this is a really bad thing) and beginning to understand and quantify the impact in both health and financial cost of pollution. In both cases, it's much much worse than you think, and we still have much to learn.

In the middle section we talk about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, not that you would notice unless you went looking for it as it's already nearly disappeared from the media other than via discussing Trumps insane defensive tweets on the subject. In short, there is still an ongoing issue of crisis proportions and we talk about if we can't get it right this time, what about next time? The time after?

We wrap up the show with a quick update on the ongoing agonizing slow death of oil. While the end is clear, even to oil companies the struggling to make us much as they can before the end puts us all at risk, and won't change the future. We discuss the data, and the reasons it doesn't match what you see in the news or largely in mainstream public policy in Canada.

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Rose Cousins "Chains"The Wooden Sky "Our Hearts Were Young"

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